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What People Say about Studio 151

"Love this place! Absolutely love my personal trainer Tommy! He goes above and beyond to make me feel like I'm doing an amazing job! ..."
Shoshana Michelle Perlin
"Excellent instructors and trainers with lots of experience! Love the gorgeous space overlooking the lake and the classes are perfect for anyone looking to start a fitness routine -- tons of options with something for everyone and so much fun! "
Shannon Hughes Allan

Client testimonal

Carrie Ann Sawyer via Facebook

Carrie Anne Sawyer Testimonal

I began my journey at Studio 151 when Tami tagged me in one of her bootcamp posts.  It was like tag, you are it, you’re the next contestant to get healthy and fit.  Many thoughts and excuses went through my mind as social anxiety set in.  I am an empty nester, so the “I’m too busy with kids" excuse was out the door.  After raising kids for 25 years I forgot how to interact with adults.  I did not know how to attend anything without a child by my side.  I knew how to be a parent, but not how to adult.  What would I talk about?  Myself?  I had not been active in any capacity for almost 4 years.  I was intimidated at the thought of making a fool out of myself if I did not know how to do something or could not keep up.  Then there is the self-conscience feeling of how I looked in workout clothes.  I even used the, I don't own a pair of sneakers excuse.  My husband found me a pair of sneakers in my daughter's closet and my son gave me a pep talk that sounded like a script from the mom book of motivation.  I definitely had a support team.


On the first day that I went to bootcamp, I drove around talking myself into going to class.  That first class I tried not to make eye contact with anyone.  I just wanted to get the first workout over and done with.  I was so embarrassed that I was winded warming up doing jumping jacks.  I made it through my first bootcamp but left there feeling frustrated that I had let myself get so out of shape.  On the other hand, I was proud that I showed up.  When it came time for Tami’s next class, she tagged me again.  I had no excuses. 


I started my workout routine with Tami’s classes as she knew me, knew my fitness level and she could sense my lack of confidence.  The more encouragement and one-on-one Tami gave me on correcting my form and showing me modifications, the more confident I became.  As I became confident I started to try different classes.  The intimidation factor comes back every time there is a "new to you" instructor because you don't know their teaching style.  I have found that these different teaching styles have helped me plan my workout week depending on my schedule and fitness mood.  I have also learned that every instructor is compassionate about what they do and making you feel comfortable with the class but also pushing you to your potential.     


Group fitness at Studio 151 has been a great fit for me because I have become motivated by the people that coach me and workout alongside me.  Whether it is a motivational smile, a high five in a partner workout, a genuine compliment, positive energy, breaking out in a silly dance when “that” song comes on or just knowing we are all there for the same camaraderie and goal. I have been committed to Studio 151 for a little over a year now.  I have become aware that there are more adults like myself that don’t know where to begin.  I have learned you begin by showing up.  I have also learned that for me, not to make unreasonable goals.  Combining fitness and diets all at once overwhelmed me in the past.  If you’ve noticed, I have not mentioned any sort of measurements, how much weight I have lost or any fad diets.  I knew that I needed to first make the effort to get to the studio, I needed to feel comfortable with my surroundings, I needed to make a commitment and then to utilize the time there to make the best of my workouts.  Once I settled into a routine, eating better fell into place naturally for me.  I feel better about myself and my body.  Why do I need numbers?  Those things are not important to me... how I feel is! I love seeing my studio friends.  We may only spend an hour a day together but it’s one of the most important parts of my day.  We are all there for ourselves, but also there for each other.  It’s one of the only hours you get that is all about YOU!   I am committed to Studio 151 because Studio 151 is committed me.  It is a great feeling to be surrounded by positive people that want you to succeed.  It truly has been a journey of mind, body & fit!!!   

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