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Fitness classes, personal training, and small group training. 

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Our variety of fitness classes are designed for all fitness levels. Walk-ins are welcome at the studio, we love seeing new faces. Whether you're visiting the area and need to get in your daily yoga, or you've been with us from the beginning, we do not require memberships or sign-up fees. Check our class schedule below. 

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We're as dedicated to you as you are to your health. Our trainers work closely with your goals and schedule to create a completely customized routine. Personal training at Studio 151 gives you the motivation and push you need to succeed and reach your fitness goals. 

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In a group setting, we all strive for the same goal: to move our bodies. We apply movements that strengthen and tone and work on balance and endurance. Our small group training classes are offered three days a week, contact us for more information. 

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Now offering private group sessions. Whether it's a wedding party, birthday get-together, business bonding, girls' night out, or wanting a wellness day with friends, we're here to help get your sweat on. Private group workouts include but are not limited to, pilates, cardio dance, yoga, heated yoga, strength training, and more. 

Group sessions start at $150, or $20 per person. Call or email to book ahead. 

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