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Amy Jones

Owner, Certified Hand Clapper, Expert Time Keeper

 have been teaching fitness classes for over 20 years starting in the Lakes Region at The Racquetball Club in Laconia. My love of fitness continued to grow and I continued to teach during my college years at UNH, my years in Boston, back here at Gilford Hills and LASC and now here at Studio 151. I
love sharing my passion for fitness with others and encouraging participants to push themselves out of their comfort zone and to help reach
their goals. My goal is to make fitness fun and create a fun energetic motivating environment that is comfortable for everyone. When I am not
teaching here at the Studio I am working in the medical field, spending time with my husband Aaron and two boys Rowan and Carter.

BS Business Administration UNH, AFAA Certified, TRX Suspension Trainer, MAT Pilates, CPR/AED Certified

Jennifer Mailloux

Owner & Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...My love for sports and fitness began at a very young age as a competitive gymnast for 12 years. After graduating with a B.S at University of New Hampshire, I became a certified group fitness instructor and certified personal trainer. I have over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. I enjoy working with all types of clients. I am fully committed to helping my clients achieve their goals whether they are looking for mobility, strength, sports specific success, or wanting to lead an active, pain-free life.

B.S. in Biology; AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Movement Training Specialist, SCW Personal Training Certificate; Certified Fit Traxx Coach; TRX Suspension Training Certificate; P90X Certified, American Red Cross CPR Certified.

Conditioning - Thursdays 10 AM
Small Group Training

Tami Horan

Instructor, Fitness Enthusiast, Master Spreadsheet Creator

“After 5 years of creating healthier habits in my home and work community and with some encouragement from some of my favorite instructors, I decided to become an AAFA certified Group Fitness Instructor. I love helping and encouraging people to become more active and to develop healthier lifestyles for themselves. To be able to share the excitement of reaching goals, the passion they develop for fitness and watching their health get better by the day is inspiring. I am eternally grateful for my gym family.” - Tami

Gina McGuire

Damn Fit, Temple Yoga, Badass Mom

Gina E. McGuire, RN, BS is a Registered Nurse, a New Hampshire certified Experienced Health Science Educator, and Licensed Nursing Assistant Program Coordinator for the Huot Technical Center in Laconia, New Hampshire.  Gina is also a nationally certified group fitness instructor, a Madd Dogg Spinning certified instructor, and a YogaFit Level One certified instructor.  She is the host of Fitness Made For You, a local public access fitness show.  


Gina is the owner of The Bod Squad, a health consulting company. She is the author of the 2013 self-help book, “Are You Full of S.H.I.T.(Senseless, Harmful, Intrusive Thoughts)? Go From Crappy to Happy.” She speaks locally and nationally to inspire, motivate, and educate people to care for their amazing bodies and minds. 


Join Gina at Studio 151 for classes on Saturdays: Damn Fit 7:30am and Temple Yoga 8:30am, and also Mondays at 4pm for Damn Fit.

Gina lives in the Lakes Region with her husband and is the blessed mother of four wonderful adult children (and one old, but awesome cat.)

Kresta Thoms-Turner

Cardio Barre Instructor

Meet Kresta and her fur baby Bentley!
Kresta Thoms-Turner will start teaching Cardio Barre in May at the following times.... 
Thursdays 5:45 am
Sunday’s 8:30 am
We are so excited you’ve joined the Studio 151 team!

Tekla Frates

New Mom, Yoga

A Gypsy Soul: Tekla combines her experiences in the professional visual, audio and travel industries to create a magical space to learn and grow in unique ways. Classes and personal sessions are purposely sequenced to help guide those in need, back into energetic alignment and health.


Tekla is a Reiki Master, Meditation guide, Energy Medicine/Yoga Therapy Practitioner, and 200RYT Yoga Instructor. When she is not teaching group classes to the local community, she brings energy healing workshops to locations all over New England.  Tekla's YOurGA program has been demonstrated in schools, hospitals, corporations, small businesses, rehabilitation, recovery, and wellness centers.


Valuable information about self-healing, mindfulness, and understanding your energy mind-body, is sprinkled throughout her class experiences. Reiki and the universal elements of work in combination whenever you find yourself on an Energy Flow Yoga Experience.  If you feel the pull to reconnect to your true potential, her classes are suitable for All Levels!

Kate Criscone

Yoga Extroidinare, Photographer, Artist

Come join Kate on Wednesdays at 9 am for Yoga Flow!

Kate Criscone joins Studio 151 to offer Yoga Flow.  Kate has been practicing yoga for many years and lives here in the Lakes Region with her husband and 2 children.  We are thrilled to have Kate on board. In addition to being a yoga instructor, Kate is also a professional photographer and artist.  Wouldn't a painting yoga night with wine be fun!

Catrina Gray

Yogi, Tai Yoga, Super Mom

My Yoga Life started in 2011 when I began training for a half marathon. I would practice yoga once a week to stretch those tired, tight running muscles. I moved from the half marathon training to half iron training. That was when my life really began to turn around. I found myself emotionally involved in my yoga practice. I was feeling the intensity of my training and looking forward to that hour on my mat. I loved and hated the feelings that would come up during my practice. Sometimes I would leave feeling refreshed and ready for my day; other times I would be angry and frustrated.

Over time I learned that battle was my inner peace and my ego. Little did I know I was about to embark on a personal journey that would forever change my life. I began thinking about teaching yoga to children and started to look into yoga teacher training. After 3 years of thinking about it, I signed up for the 200 hour teacher training certification through Vidya Vinyasa Yoga; instructed by Melissa ScagliariniE-RYT 500 and Katie O’Connell E-RYT 500. 

Having completed the Basic level Childlight Yoga teacher training in Dover, NH, I have already begun to teach in the classrooms. I have also attended many yoga workshops including Girish, Karen Kenney, Yoga Caps, Inc. with Jay Gupta, and Anatomy with Matthew Scagliarini PT, DPT.

I have run multiple half marathons, the Derry 16 Miler Boston Prep, sprint triathlons, New England Tri-fest Olympic triathlon, and the Mascoma Man Half Iron. 
I hope to complete one more half Iron in the next few years.

Sharing my practice to find inner peace and grace in everyday life is a dream come true. 
My two children and husband would agree Yoga is the best thing that has ever happened to us.

Yoga Flow - Mondays 9am
Intro to Yoga - Tuesday's 4:15pm

Kristie Ennis, DPT, CSCS

CPT, Physical Therapy, Nurtional Guru

Kristie began her career in the health and fitness industry in 2001. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Vermont, she worked with clients to help them achieve their weight loss goals and guided athletes with sports nutrition. Dr. Ennis also taught both land based and water aerobics to the general population, senior groups, and prenatal groups.


In 2003, Dr. Ennis became the co-head Norwich University men’s and women’s swim teams. Having a love of how the body works and moves, she pursued her doctorate degree in physical therapy, attending Franklin Pierce University, graduating in 2006.


Dr. Ennis has worked in the orthopedic outpatient setting since graduation and loves treating the patient as a whole person.   In 2014, Dr. Ennis became a certified strength and conditioning specialist allowing her to work with clients through every step of their health journey!

Kristie enjoys participating in triathlons and has completed 2 full Ironman races. She also takes part in the Circle Program, a mentoring program for girls.​​​​


At Studio 151 Fitness, you may take her classes in Tabata, Strength & Tone, and Cardio Intervals, or you may schedule an appointment for Physical Therapy (no insurance required!) You may contact her directly at for a session.

For more information about Kristie and what she can do for you, please check out her website

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